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Z Baza horoskopów Polskiego Towarzystwa Astrologicznego
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The Polish Astrological Society Horoscope Database

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The Polish Astrological Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Astrologiczne – PTA) Horoscope Database is a collection of astrological charts of events and people, both historical and contemporary, related to Poland. The database includes birth charts of Polish kings, political leaders, priests, poets, artists, journalists, celebrities, as well as charts of important events and landmarks of our country, state institutions, companies, cities etc.

The data collection project is created for and directed to astrologers and people interested in astrology, who want to work and develop their skills on the basis of reliable, verified sources. We take great care to obtain the most accurate birth times available, from birth records, historical materials or directly from the horoscope owners. The database is developed by a team of qualified and dedicated astrologers: Mirosław Czylek, Tomasz Kiedos, Magdalena Krukowska, Piotr Piotrowski and Wojciech Suchomski (see. Editorial Team), , devoting their time to the project  pro publico bono. The project is coordinated by Kuba Ruszkowski.

The PTA Horoscope Database is created continually and updated several times a week. A huge amount of data (natal and mundane charts) is waiting to be entered and developed. Everyone is allowed to use this collection. We will be grateful if you indicate the source and include an exact link to the quoted page of the PTA Horoscope Database.

If you would like to share your collection or make any suggestions, please contact us at the following email address: We are also present on Facebook.


The PTA Horoscope Database is legally protected. The Urania software created by Bogdan F. Krusiński has been used for the charts. The Polish Astrological Society permits the users to quote fragments or particular elements of the horoscope database on the condition of indicating the source and owner.

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